What is a Holistic Nutritionist?

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A Holistic Nutritionist works one-on-one to customize a diet and lifestyle plan that is tailored to the individual. Assessing the  person as a whole provides a clear picture of emotional health, environment, daily eating habits and lifestyle, all which can contribute to feeling your very best. 

My approach to nutrition is based on balance. I believe every individual has their own version of the perfect diet. My practice focuses on using the healing powers of nature; whether that be from food, herbal medicine or natural supplementation.

I believe health should be affordable to everyone. Inspired by my Sicilian roots I use the knowledge of peasant cuisine to guide my nutrient-dense meal plans. I love inspiring my clients to feel empowered in making a change that feels right and tastes delicious!

The goal of all Holistic Nutritionists is to "catch health" as opposed to other professional in the industry which "chase disease". Holistic Nutritionists work with clients as unique individuals, looking at the person as a whole. We help guide people toward optimum health so they get sick less and with less serious afflictions. By seeking areas of imbalance related to the root cause of health issues, a customized plan can be developed. We educate individuals about the use of supplements and lifestyle changes, encouraging that they eat healthfully, exercise and generally take better care of their bodies. We are trained in human anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, the psychology of disease, therapeutic implementation of supplements and more. Fundamentally, there is the understanding that one size does not fit all in any are of health since everyone is an individual with a unique set of circumstances. 

Longevity is the goal. I believe in intuitive-eating over diets. Diets don’t work, that much is obvious. What does work is understanding your cravings, listening to your body’s cues and feeding it the fuel it needs to be satiated and nourished.