Initial Consultation

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Initial Consultation

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Initial Consultation 

This is a 1-1 session which is all about you. We dig deep to uncover:

  • Underlying root causes of symptoms

  • Identify main health goals

  • Identify main symptoms

  • Contributing factors from personal health history and familial health history

  • Asses details of current diet

  • Identify tastes, likes and dislikes for new meal plan

This provides me the framework to create your personalized action plan directed at your new health goals. This session includes initial  dietary changes and recommendations to get you started right away on feeling your very best. 

What to Bring

  • List of all supplements including brand and dose.

  • List of medications including name and dose.

  • Any recent medical reports including: blood test results, allergy test, hair mineral analysis etc.

  • Food journal outlining everything you’ve eaten for 3 full days.

  • A list of your 3 main health goals.