Corporate Wellness Seminar - Lunch & Learn

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Corporate Wellness Seminar - Lunch & Learn


Hanger is real. Eating smart to improve focus and energy is easy, just not common.  With a Lunch & Learn seminar I will share simple but effective strategies to increase energy, focus and mental wellbeing for your company.

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Corporate Wellness Seminar Topics:

  • Eating for Energy
  • Stress-No-More: Beat Anxiety with Nutrition
  • Meal Prep for the Win 
  • Cerebral Circulation: Improve Focus Naturally 
  • Eating for Happiness 
  • The End to Hanger 

Seminar Includes:

  • 1 hour fun seminar by certiied nutritionist 
  • Food demo and tasting 
  • Handouts of bite-sized tips and tricks 
  • Lunch prepared by therapeutic chef/nutritionist available upon request