Summer Fresh Thai Green Curry - Vegan

Celebrate early summer with these seasonal fresh flavours of asparagus and peas. This is my adopted version of Donna Hay's Thai Green Curry with chicken. Here I use red lentils instead of chicken and miso instead of fish sauce to make it vegan. 

The result is hearty yet still very fresh. Serve with black rice for a beautiful contrast on the plate and added anti-oxidants. 

Chestnut Lentil Loaf

Lentil Loaves.....swoon. I may be an omnivore, but when it comes to a lentil loaf I can't get enough. My first introduction to it was when I was shopping in Portabello market in London on a Sunday. Being a Sunday, we slipped into a nice pub and ordered a Sunday roast. Being very out of character for me, I was struck by the nutty, almost thanksgiving stuffing like flavours of the vegetarian lentil loaf option. Since that experience I've been trying to recreate it in my own kitchen because it was so fabulous.

This recipe is a modified version of the 'Oh She Glows - Ultimate Lentil Loaf'. It just so happens to be vegan, but if you wanted I'm sure you could throw in an egg to help with binding (although it really doesn't need it if you allow it to rest). This one is perfectly savoury with garlic, rosemary and celery, has just enough texture with walnuts, creamy due to the chestnuts and just a little hint of sweetness from a handful of cranberries. Follow this recipe very carefully to avoid it being crumbly. I highly recommend letting it sit for the directed amount of time before slicing. Serve with a herby garlic aioli and blow the socks of vegetarians and carnivores alike.