Pine Needle Honey for Asthma, Allergies and Inflammation

It's the height of the season for hay fever and you're all congested, red-eyed and very much over it. Being allergic to nature can be really frustrating. Maybe all you want to  do is connect with nature and frolic through fields of flowers like in those allergy med commercials. But maybe taking loads of medication isn't really your jam.

Enter: Pine Needle Honey


Pine Needle Benefits

Pine needles have been used medicinally by Canadian Natives for a long 'ol time.

  • One of the main reasons is that it contains more than four times the amount of vitamin C as a lemon.
  • Also super high in fat-soluble Vitamin A (eyes, skin, hair and red blood cell regeneration).
  • Most importantly: its used as an expectorant to relieve mucus in the lungs and is an anti-inflammatory. This means it can reduce asthma symptoms as well as hay fever.

When combined with the antibacterial immune boasting qualities of honey, this remedy is a powerful part of your tool kit in the summer for hay fever and very  much in the winter to relieve sore throats.

How to Forage and Preserve Pine Needles

  1. Forage pine needles from a healthy looking tree, deep in a forest away from any cars or city pollution. Make sure needles are light green, soft and young looking. 
  2. Pull the needles from the branches. Thoroughly wash needles and remove the sticky orange resin bits from the base.
  3. Roughly chop needles or cut with scissors to provide more surface area to infuse the honey with.
  4. Place 2 tbsp in a jar (I used an old honey jar), then top with Canadian wild unpasteurized honey. Repeat the process until the jar is full, ending with honey as the last layer.
  5. Honey is widely considered the only food that doesn't spoil, so this naturally preserved pine needle honey will last a long time.
  6. Add to tea or take a spoonful directly 3 times a day for optimum relief.

Warning: Refrain from taking anything with pine needles when pregnant, as it has been shown to promote miscarriage in high doses.


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