Super Creamy Chicken Liver Mousse

LIVER: Mega Superfood

Liver is THE most nutrient dense food on the planet. The highest food source of iron. In general, organ meats are between 10 and 100 times higher in nutrients than corresponding muscle meats.

In natural medicine, ‘LIKE HEALS LIKE’. This means that by eating liver, you’re providing your body with all the building blocks and supports your liver needs to regenerate and function optimally.

When carnivorous animals such as lions find a prey, the first thing they eat are the organs. They prioritize on the most nutritious parts of the animal. Folks in the 50s knew how important liver was, and usually ate liver and onions about 1 time per week. In the Caribbean, cod liver oil is taken daily not only for its protective vitamin d and Omega 3 values, but for it’s overall nutrition!

Leave it to the French to whip up chicken liver with cream and butter into submission until it’s luscious and creamy. This recipe is so much easier than you think, PROMISE!

Selecting Liver

You can sauté liver, eat it in freeze-dry capsules. Or you can make it into a creamy delicious pate and eat it with your favourite crackers, sourdough toast or apple slices.

Be sure to select livers from a free-range, organic feed source. They don’t have to be officially certified organic if you go to a local farmers market, talk to the farmer and ask about their practices. Sometimes having certified organic meat can be too expensive for local farmers and although they raise their animals in an organic way, they may not be certified. Ask questions. Talk to your butcher.

Learn More about the super powers of Liver. Functional Medicine practitioner Chris Kresser lays down the facts here.

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