Anti-Inflammatory Golden Paste

Inflammation. One of the main culprits behind painful backs, aching joints, swollen knuckles, pounding headaches and so much more. If you're sick with a cold, suffering from arthritic joints, back pain or any of the evil forms inflammation can manifest into, you need to try this golden paste. 

Its important to note that inflammation in and of itself is an incredible mechanism of the immune system. It attracts blood to the infected area so that nutrients can get to the site to spead recovery. It can also make you immobile sometimes to save you from yourself by restricting movement so the body can heal. So anti-inflammatory aids aren't necessarily getting to the root of the problem, but finding an alternative to NSAID's such as aspirin is important in a preventative and Holistic lifestyle. 


1 tsp a day for anti inflammatory effects  

1 tsp a day for anti inflammatory effects  


  • 2 tbsp coconut oil   
  • 2 heaping tbsp quality turmeric powder
  • 1 tbsp honey  
  • pinch black pepper  


  1. Place coconut oil and turmeric in a pot over medium heat and melt until uniform, whisk.  
  2. Remove from heat. Add honey, stir until uniform and add to a jar with a lid.  
  3. Place in  the fridge and take several tsp a day.  
  4. You may need to add more or less powder in order to obtain a paste consistency. Remember that it will harden in the fridge.