With over 15 years in the food industry, Nicole brings elevated hospitality, refinement and creativity to your next event. As a therapeutic chef and nutritionist her dishes are always wholesome, nutrient-dense and seasonally relevant. As a creative chef Nicole strives to bring harmonious flavour, vibrant colour and culinary finesse to each and every bite.  Her relationship with local farmers, wineries and artisans are cherished and she is passionate about promoting Ontario's treasures. 

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Corporate  Lunch

Energize your next meeting with a nutritious and satisfying meal catered by a nutritionist. Lunches are protein packed and provide natural long-lasting energy, improved focus and tantalized taste-buds. Flavour above all else, meals are always comforting, satisfying and healthy. Customizable to accomadate vegans, vegetarians and omnivores alike. 

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Family Style or Buffet 

Sharing food brings people together. Coming from a big Italian family, Nicole loves creating meal experiences that are relaxed, conversational and delicious. Cater your next event with beautiful and buzz-worthy dishes where your guests will be dying to know the recipe. 

Private Chef

A mix of apothecary style cocktails, indigenous wine pairings, nutritious Mediterranean inspired meals and art-worthy plating. Nicole brings top level service with passionate bartenders and servers meet your every whim. Whether it be a private dinner party, weekend getaway, wellness retreat or bachelorette party, book Nicole and her team to take care of the rest.