Mind Body Flow - Massage Therapy


Nutrition and RMT Referral Program

As a holistic nutritionist I believe deeply in the mind-body connection. Nutrition is only one piece to the puzzle in achieving optimal wellness. We hold trauma, negative thoughts and emotional blockages in our body…the issues are in the tissues! One cannot fully heal unless they treat the underlying root causes. A holistic approach to healing involves therapeutic nutrition and diet along with self care practices. Scheduling this time in for oneself is not indulgent, it’s a necessity!

That is why I am offering 10% discount on both nutritional and iridology services for preferred customers of Mind Body Flow. Any client of mine will also receive 10% their first session at Mind Body Flow. In my experience, Young Lee and her team are unparalleled in their field. Offering deep knowledge and understanding of the body and how to treat and release stored stress.


Wellness to us is a sound mind in a sound body. When our mind is happy and at peace, our body follows.

At Mind Body Flow, our goals are to help clients achieve their fullest potential by offering customized solutions to their individual concerns related to movement, complexion, and overall well-being. Our staff understands how important proper techniques are to our practice as misuse can not only lead to soft tissue and joint injury, but further cause stresses that we would never want our clients to endure. When we are aware of our body, it becomes effortless to be more mindful, making us feel better inside and out.