Corporate Wellness Seminar - Lunch & Learn

Hanger is real. Eating smart to improve focus and energy is easy, just not common.  With a Lunch & Learn seminar I will share simple but effective strategies to increase energy, focus and mental wellbeing for your company.

Why Corporate Wellness?

With incidence of stress leave on the rise, it’s clear that something needs to change. The current state of affairs in the corporate world is on a path to destruction. It has been estimated that workplace mental health issues have cost the Canadian economy $33 billion dollars a year in lost revenue. I believe education and inspiration is the answer.  Through an engaging and interactive seminar I can show your employees time-effective ways to get the most out of their diet. During an hour lunch break I will demonstrate my favourite tips and tricks to improve energy and focus naturally, while covering your nutritional bases to avoid burnout.  

Corporate Wellness Seminar Topics:

  • Eating for Energy
  • Stress-No-More: Beat Anxiety with Nutrition
  • Meal Prep for the Win 
  • Cerebral Circulation: Improve Focus Naturally 
  • Eating for Happiness 
  • The End to Hanger 

Seminar Includes:

  • 1 hour fun seminar by certiied nutritionist 
  • Food demo and tasting 
  • Handouts of bite-sized tips and tricks 
  • Lunch prepared by therapeutic chef/nutritionist available upon request